We Can Help You Choose a Major

You are not alone…

Many students, even those unsure of a major, want an academic plan to guide them through college. That decision process may seem challenging, but we’re here to help.

It is natural to explore different career opportunities throughout college. As you discover your strengths and weakness, learn both in the classroom and through experience, and take advantage of the many opportunities that Franciscan has to offer, you will come to a better understanding of where the Lord is leading you in life. However, an early start on that exploration process will focus your course selections and maximize your time at Franciscan.

How we schedule classes

The Registrar schedules classes for incoming freshmen based on indicated majors of interest. Students who haven’t declared a major will be scheduled classes that are oriented toward the core curriculum, including introductory courses in areas of interest.

Some majors require immediate pursuit, as a delay in declaration may result in a delay in degree completion. These majors are nursing, education, social work, pre-engineering, biology, and chemistry. Additional time will also be required of a student who switches to one of these majors later on in their college careers.

Get in touch, let’s talk it over!

Explore Majors and Associated Careers
Contact Katie Flanigan & Mark McGuire in Career Services
Phone: (740) 284-5251
Email: careers@franciscan.edu

Or contact our Admissions counselors
Phone: (800) 783-6220
Email: admissions@franciscan.edu

Explore Majors and Degree Requirements
Contact Ann Dulany in Academic Advising
Phone: (740) 284-5262
Email: advising@franciscan.edu

Explore Degree Requirements and Transferring Credits
Kelli Beatty in the Registrar’s office
Phone: (740) 283-6226 (option 4)
Email: registrar@franciscan.edu

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